sexta-feira, 6 de agosto de 2010

Wisdom Of Life


My nami is Alex, Age 21, Single, Brazileiro.
I'm Sure They're thinking, and i with this?

I think every person has a real reason to look for something in life, huh purpose in particular.
The search for something that you do well, not living to live.

Here's a hint:

Godd morning and goof afternoon and goodnight
How, are you?
you're welcome.

Congratularions, Congratularions.

Use every day, without hope of answers.
Smile every day, even without reason
Love every day different from previous
and many times other people,
Pant a tree.

Do not get stopped int he same place for long, but sometimes
No, Stay in one place long stopped.
Remember your day in these times

Go in search of more wisdom,
live intensely the same day.
Only live...

This may not be the last day og his life, more as an afterthought, is the last day August 5, 2010 that will live.


Alex O. Boy

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  1. seu blog ta muito bom
    passa lá no meu tbm.. tem umas coisas engraçadas
    e para todas as idades, grande abraço...