sábado, 31 de julho de 2010

Doomusday? WTF

I'm from Rio de Janeiro
My age: 22
I like doing many things.
You ask because i'm mad, cause you are normal?
I'm really mad, but here it is what i think.

well i really wanted to make blog, look at my mirror and more in portuguese can not, i prefer to create an antirely diferrent content....
2012 is the end? lol, Doomusday? WTF!

well if the end of humanity so hypocritical that inhabit the land it and yes we ill be happy.
you would for maya city and would kill yourself? well this thing interesting.

I think we just have to really open your eyes for eventualities that are happening these last years, and here in Brazil with them as a project to remove plastic bags from the market and the role.
Okey trying to help the environment would be associated with greenpeace.

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  1. Concordo com vc. Bjs