sexta-feira, 6 de agosto de 2010

Wisdom Of Life


My nami is Alex, Age 21, Single, Brazileiro.
I'm Sure They're thinking, and i with this?

I think every person has a real reason to look for something in life, huh purpose in particular.
The search for something that you do well, not living to live.

Here's a hint:

Godd morning and goof afternoon and goodnight
How, are you?
you're welcome.

Congratularions, Congratularions.

Use every day, without hope of answers.
Smile every day, even without reason
Love every day different from previous
and many times other people,
Pant a tree.

Do not get stopped int he same place for long, but sometimes
No, Stay in one place long stopped.
Remember your day in these times

Go in search of more wisdom,
live intensely the same day.
Only live...

This may not be the last day og his life, more as an afterthought, is the last day August 5, 2010 that will live.


Alex O. Boy

sábado, 31 de julho de 2010

Doomusday? WTF

I'm from Rio de Janeiro
My age: 22
I like doing many things.
You ask because i'm mad, cause you are normal?
I'm really mad, but here it is what i think.

well i really wanted to make blog, look at my mirror and more in portuguese can not, i prefer to create an antirely diferrent content....
2012 is the end? lol, Doomusday? WTF!

well if the end of humanity so hypocritical that inhabit the land it and yes we ill be happy.
you would for maya city and would kill yourself? well this thing interesting.

I think we just have to really open your eyes for eventualities that are happening these last years, and here in Brazil with them as a project to remove plastic bags from the market and the role.
Okey trying to help the environment would be associated with greenpeace.

quinta-feira, 29 de julho de 2010

Life Starting Now. Hi World

Well this blog will be held on matters concerning my blog in portuguese, hope you like...

Here's is the entire contents of my blog in portuguese and other discussions on the issues of Brazil and the World and a little about myself

Wait for new posts..

i'm crazy very crazy .... is happy day XD

Damien: Everubody hates me!

Mr. Mackey: why do you suppose that is?

Damien: Because i'm the son og the devil !

Mr. Mackey: uh huh that's a good start, why else?

Some Kid: Dude this is pretty fucked up right here!

Stan: oh my god they killed kenny!

Kyle: you bastards!

Stan: Oh my god they killed kenny

Kyle: Say somo thing Mr. Mankey ( ahh )

Stan: Oh my god they killed kenny. dude, kenny is dead.

Chef: Hello there children. Let me sing you little song: I'm gonna make love to you woman,

Barbrady: Well you ain't Veiona Apple, and if you ain't Veiona Apple i don't give a rat's ass.

Reporter: What would drive a man to such a disgusting act?

Some Woman: My god that's disgusting!

Stan: Whoa dude, how do you have sex with a chicken?

Damien: Dumb asses !

Stan: Ow !

Cartman: God damn it !

Stan: Dude!

Kylle: Huuh sick

Mr. Hankey: Ahhhhhhh